Kolcor: The Experience to Provide
Better Sealing, Better Safety Features,
Better Customer Service, Better Prices

Kolcor brings together a group of individuals with more than 100 years of combined experience in designing, building, and applying melt filtration equipment. Our staff has the unique ability to quickly grasp what you do, assess what you need, and recommend the right piece of equipment for your material and your process.

Every Kolcor screen changer is based on three fundamental design criteria: functionality, quality, and safety. The machine you buy from Kolcor will do what we say it is going to do; safely, efficiently, and economically.

And because we do all of the design, sales, and service under one roof, you enjoy the convenience of one-stop shopping and the attention that makes Kolcor not merely a supplier, but a partner in your business.

At Kolcor, Service Matters

Whether you're here for sales or service, you'll always find:

  • Short delivery times
  • Friendly, knowledgeable assistance
  • Superior products — designed, manufactured, and serviced in one location in the U.S.A.

All of our parts are designed,
built and made in the USA