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Technical Specs

Kolcor Hydraulic Screen Changers
Better Sealing by Design

Kolcor's Hydraulic Screen Changer offers a cost-effective solution for maintaining or improving through-put and product quality; and helps you overcome the challenges to your productivity, including:

  • Better Sealing

    The ultimate challenge for screen changers is solved with our patent-pending Pressure Compensated Spring Seal. We designed the seal to be effective for all temperatures, eliminating guesswork.
  • Operator Safety

    Kolcor's roll out guards cannot swing down out of control, which effectively eliminates the potential for operator injury. In addition, our Hydraulic Screen Changer features a standard remote operator station on a 10' lead that moves the operator away from the unit during a screen change.
  • Optimal Continuity

    Kolcor's Hydraulic Screen Changer provides filtration of most polymers with minimal disruption during a screen change.

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  • Bolt Through Connection

    Utilizing bolt through connection to OEM standards, our screen changer can be connected to your extruder, taking up a minimum amount of your valuable floor space. Other adaptation configurations are available, all designed to optimize the use of the space available.
  • Pre-Wired and Fully Assembled

  • Screw Pull Through

  • Single-Zone Temperature Control

  • Optional Slide Plate Heating, Available in One- and Two-Zone Configurations

And of course, included with every screen changer is Kolcor's full-time, complete service from friendly, experienced personnel — right from the first time you contact us.

All of our parts are designed,
built and made in the USA