Kolcor Manual Screen Changers
Simple by Design

With fewer parts to wear out over time, our manual screen changers are simple, reliable, and cost-effective in the long run.

Among their many benefits, Kolcor manual screen changers:

  • Are perfect for extrusion lines that are typically shut down for something other than a screen change
  • Can be easily incorporated into your extrusion line
  • Let you make optimum use of available space — they can be connected to your extruder, taking up little of your valuable floor space, or configured to optimize the use of the space available.
  • Require minimal maintenance and offer minimal down-time
  • Feature bolt through connection to OEM standards
  • Keep capitalization and operating costs low

Dowload our Manual Screen Changers Brochure

If you typically have short interruptions in your extrusion line, a Kolcor Manual Screen Changer may be just what you need.

All of our parts are designed,
built and made in the USA