No Toxic Salt or Gasses

Kolcor Plasma (ion) Nitriding

Plasma Nitriding is a surface hardening treatment of metallic material to achieve high hardness, increase wear resistance, and enhance fatigue properties. Plasma Nitriding, also referred to as Ion Nitriding, utilizes ionized nitrogen to react with the work piece surface. Ionized nitrogen is what produces the characteristic purplish glow.


  • Little distortion of workpiece due to the lower processing temperatures
  • Environmentally friendly process due to no use of toxic salt or gasses
  • Reduced cycle times
  • Ability to provide a uniform case hardness even on complex geometries


  • 46” (L) x 27” (W) x 26” (H)
  • 100” (L) x 38” (W) x 48” (H)

All of our parts are designed,
built and made in the USA